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"“Every man builds his world in his own image. He has the power to choose, but no power to escape the necessity of choice.” – Ayn Rand

Month: February, 2012

So,what gadget did you purchase today?

Pardon me for being a technologically retarded person, I fail to understand which way this ‘age of innovation’ is leading the public exuberance. Technology, in the most basic sense, is committed to making lives easier…or so I have been told by people who hold positions of respect in the world of microprocessors and what-not. They fail to mention the added benefit which is intrinsically a part of their ‘loyalty programme’- converting the otherwise normal people with relatively deep pockets into a veritable showroom of sorts.

Don’t believe me ? Check this

Our brains are inversely related to the improvement in technology and other services. The more advanced the latter gets, the more primitively the former reacts. Weird,yes..but true. We are either passionately submissive, shamelessly submitting our mind to the prevalent trend and forces or we are just plain idiots who are too busy to think straight.

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Case in point – E-book readers/ tablet computers/ notebooks/sub-notebooks

People are talking in the Indian market. A set of new devices has suddenly grabbed the attention of the ever anxious aam admi (common man). There is a mad rush to purchase (grab) the latest gadget in town. There are Kindle, Ipad, Pi, Galaxy Tab along with Reliance, HP and a couple of other players in this segment. They are all ‘better than the other’ and the ‘best in terms of technology and style’. Result – Conundrum. The consumers are spoilt for choice and they are not complaining either.

If you look into the seller’s psychology – it is flawless. They are being smart. People all over the world are smitten by this ‘I-want-the-latest-tablet’ bug, they are simply capitalizing on the situation. The points at which they absolutely beat the consumers can be broadly classified into –

  • Brand equity – If Apple is producing it, I want to have it (In most cases). I do not need to look into the usability or the functionality of the device, just the brand logo is enough.
  • Marketing – The bigwigs make the consumers belong. The sense of superiority that a consumer feels while holding a product of these cos always, always work in the favour of the giants.
  • Design- These products are aesthetically designed to appeal to the consumers. These poor guys gape at them in awe and admiration and sometimes, it takes just that to sell an idea.

The buyers, on the other hand, are simply following the trend. In almost all of the cases, it can be safely assumed that no amount of concrete thought goes behind purchasing a high-end gadget. So, common sense isn’t very common, after all!

To my mind, If I own a laptop or a computer in any other form, every product listed above is useless. Why would I want to purchase an e-book reader? What is the functionality ? My laptop does a tidy job when it comes to reading e-books. I am sorry, I don’t need a Kindle. Tablet computers/e-book readers do have some advantages over its predecessors, no doubt…but they, collectively, cannot provide one solid fundamental reason to why I should definitely own these overvalued commodities…and therefore, like mentioned above, they are as useless as junk.

” Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein.


Simple isn’t always easy: Read the fine print

It is amazing how most people use the two terms ‘simple’ and ‘easy’ almost interchangeably, blissfully unaware of the cataclysmic connotations they carry. Although, I wouldn’t be able to deliberate upon the exact cause of this mindlessness (pardon me, I am not Nietzsche) , I can, without hesitation, roughly estimate how this simple error of omission can potentially jeopardize one’s career or life.

When a person is taking a decision based on the assumption that ‘things which look simple are easy to understand or solve’ , he is not reading the fine print and hence, forcing an error which could easily have been avoided. It is imperative to not follow the public sentiment and to look for rationality behind every judgement/action. ‘Simplicity’ is a matter of perception and therefore, highly subjective. It has different interpretations for different people.  It is unfortunate that most people ignore this basic fact.

It may seem like I am overemphasizing a minor issue.  In reality, however, this ‘paranormal’ activity is anything but minor or uncommon. If you look around, you will know what I mean. I notice this every single day, in fact,  I noticed this minutes before I sat down to write this blog post.

Food for thought

If you are a kind of person who needs to be reassured about every action that you are about to take, you may be inviting trouble.

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Up Close

What do you think defines a person?

Is it the accumulated reputation of impeccability that he has built over the years, behind the veil of conceited sanctity or is it the unusual careless, naked self  that rebels against the obscene moratorium of vanity ?

Which is more important – truth or admissible interpretations of it? 

If a moment of truth can destroy a person, the premise on which this foundation of ‘characterization’ lies must be severely scrutinized. They are contradictory and hence, they nullify each other.  


‘Saucerful’ of Ideas

Another blog.

I remember the awkward feeling that had gripped me the first time I went up on stage to address a gathering of about five hundred people. I distinctly remember the half-broken “good morning”, almost breaking into a cackle as the sound of my voice emanating from the bête noire loudspeakers echoed in my ears.

The usual problems associated with new ventures are, in essence, derivatives of inexperience. My blog, being just another blog, is no exception to it. I have no content, no preparation, nothing to write home about. The only way to overcome this handicap, as I had realized in those intense hours before a houseful of audience, is by accepting the impediment to be an impediment and then, acting on it as though it never existed.

I shall be back soon.

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