Simple isn’t always easy: Read the fine print

by Premangsu Bhattacharya

It is amazing how most people use the two terms ‘simple’ and ‘easy’ almost interchangeably, blissfully unaware of the cataclysmic connotations they carry. Although, I wouldn’t be able to deliberate upon the exact cause of this mindlessness (pardon me, I am not Nietzsche) , I can, without hesitation, roughly estimate how this simple error of omission can potentially jeopardize one’s career or life.

When a person is taking a decision based on the assumption that ‘things which look simple are easy to understand or solve’ , he is not reading the fine print and hence, forcing an error which could easily have been avoided. It is imperative to not follow the public sentiment and to look for rationality behind every judgement/action. ‘Simplicity’ is a matter of perception and therefore, highly subjective. It has different interpretations for different people.  It is unfortunate that most people ignore this basic fact.

It may seem like I am overemphasizing a minor issue.  In reality, however, this ‘paranormal’ activity is anything but minor or uncommon. If you look around, you will know what I mean. I notice this every single day, in fact,  I noticed this minutes before I sat down to write this blog post.