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"“Every man builds his world in his own image. He has the power to choose, but no power to escape the necessity of choice.” – Ayn Rand

Month: April, 2012

An Epilogue…

I woke up with a start.

I had been dreaming…it was a nightmare. I could still see the blood stains…I could still hear her cry. It’s a dream that cripples me but it’s only a dream. And, it was perhaps the single most reason why I wanted to sleep. I wanted to get up but I was too heavy for myself… I could see the tiny droplets of water as they trickled down my veins…I was thirsty. I could reach them but I pulled myself back. I was not thirsty. I could not be. It was only a dream.

The room was dark except for the light coming in through the ventilator. I loved the murky darkness that filled the room…but beyond that I did not know a thing. I did not know where I was. But somehow, I knew that I existed and I have existed for as long as I can remember.

Those cruel monsters, they laugh at me. They think I am mad. There is none that believes me. She is…she is only a little girl…they can’t see her cry, they are blind. She is bleeding…that poor little thing, somebody please help her! They are laughing…those beasts! I know she needs my help and I have to help her…

 I was crawling…I could see the light outside…I was close…very close to the ventilator. I knew I could make it but, I was stopped short by a bullet that hit me in my chest and I died.

Moments later, I opened my eyes. I had been unconscious for a long time, I told myself. The cell was still dark. I looked at the ventilator and I knew that it was the dream. It was not real. I laughed. My laughter echoed through the walls of the cell. I laughed again. It was not real, I reminded myself… My body was aching…I could not move…but I knew that the pain was temporary. It would soon pass away.

Light shone in through the ventilator. It was another day. The cell was darker than usual. The pain had passed away. It was indeed temporary. The girl had stopped crying.

Note – This post had first appeared in another blog of mine – ‘Through a Kaleidoscope’; that blog, at present, is defunct.


O! Startup, My Startup…why did you fail?

Starting on a new venture, apart from other things, is a very risky expedition and more often than not, people tend to ignore the word ‘risk’ and take ‘expedition’ at its face value. Result: Chaos. You may have a remarkable idea at the back of your head, an idea which may have the potential to break barriers…but is it a sufficient condition to survive in a business?

Startups are usually associated with enthusiasm, glee and a lot of positive energy in the initial days. Soon after, Mr. Market steps in and that is when most businesses collapse. While reasons for breakdown of the entire machinery are subjective, some of the common problems which haunt these companies can be discussed –

Business Model This is the crux of any business. Your remarkable idea won’t fuel your business, a robust business model will. If you don’t have it in place, hold your horses. A spineless business will only harm you in the long run.

Scaling This is where most excellent companies fail after an initial homerun. There is either an acute shortage of capital or there is an absolute lack of a concept driven strategy.

Lack of innovation In a world where the chances of survival are minimal, innovation becomes the de facto norm. This is something that you must religiously follow. It can be anything – from inventory management to payment of wages. Innovation doesn’t have to be path breaking ideas. Sometimes, simple cost effective techniques do the trick.  If your area of operation is services, this is the bare minimum standard which you must always comply with.

The last thing that a company may want to do is coattail its competitors. Unless you are in a market where the market mechanism will always be in your favour, you should avoid this at all cost. Instead, focus on your core competence, improve your quality of services, try and add value to your business…in this way, you prepare yourself well for the future.

Understand the business It may seem like the most obvious thing to do…but this is the thing that entrepreneurs seem to forget.  It is upon you to decide what your business represents, what it wishes to achieve…how to achieve whatever it wishes to achieve…in what timeframe and whether the goals are realizable or not. The more you understand your business, its potentials and its drawbacks, the easier it will be for you to take your decisions.

Visionary leaders – Managers are at the helm of corporate affairs and if they exhibit skills in the form of excellent leadership, risk taking ability, capacity to beat the doldrums and learn from mistakes, the business will have a greater chance of survival.


Running a business is not an easy task. It is not something that a tutorial or a business course can teach you. It is something that one learns along the way. It requires a lot of patience, a truckload of appetite and a rational mind. Every business is unique and there are no thumb rules. Being successful is all about common sense, ability to survive and a relative amount of luck.


Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps down new roads armed with nothing but their own vision.” – Ayn Rand


All the lost souls…

A stranger who smiled,

A swindler who didn’t cheat,

A villain who wasn’t,

An official who refused to be bribed,

A prayer which was answered,

A lottery that you won,

A miracle that happened,

An idea when impossibility tried to take you down,

A warm hug that had eased you once,

A brief love that made your heart throb with joy,

A reckless youth that belonged to you,

An old friend; your revered stupidity; the inane fights;


The cloudless laughter of a child,

Her chimera… her castles of sand,


A stark reminder from your nemesis or a friendly advice,

A familiar face when no one else was in sight.



A silent reminiscence, a cruel past,

A requiem you had carefully shielded, that too has breathed its last,

A sudden longing, an intense desire;

Your spirits unbound; a dash of hope…


                  To all the lost souls out there, this is for you. 

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