All the lost souls…

by Premangsu Bhattacharya

A stranger who smiled,

A swindler who didn’t cheat,

A villain who wasn’t,

An official who refused to be bribed,

A prayer which was answered,

A lottery that you won,

A miracle that happened,

An idea when impossibility tried to take you down,

A warm hug that had eased you once,

A brief love that made your heart throb with joy,

A reckless youth that belonged to you,

An old friend; your revered stupidity; the inane fights;


The cloudless laughter of a child,

Her chimera… her castles of sand,


A stark reminder from your nemesis or a friendly advice,

A familiar face when no one else was in sight.



A silent reminiscence, a cruel past,

A requiem you had carefully shielded, that too has breathed its last,

A sudden longing, an intense desire;

Your spirits unbound; a dash of hope…


                  To all the lost souls out there, this is for you.