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"“Every man builds his world in his own image. He has the power to choose, but no power to escape the necessity of choice.” – Ayn Rand

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There are the lucky ones – who are born without any physical or psychological difficulties, who are always several steps ahead of their time, who break records and earn accolades, the kind which makes their generation proud, the archetype which sets precedence, they are the standard by which every other is measured. They are the loyal servants who never question…they are programmed to follow. They are the evil grins behind an innocuous masquerade, the hidden enemies in your list of trusted friends, the invisible dagger at your throat.

Then, there are those miserable fools who are abnormally usual by birth. They are wild, free and careless…they are unfazed by the status quo and its relentless pursuit in trying to rein them in. In a demesne of straight lines, they are the grotesque bends; the misfits in a world of blind faith. They think the unthinkable, dream the unimaginable. They are the ones you diplomatically avoid. In a baffling crowd, it is their voice you hear. You hate them because they perplex you. By your standards of imagination, they are unashamedly overstretched.

 You look for them, you see them everywhere…you look further, they are gone.



Being indecisive is the worst form of depravity.

It is like being stuck in limbo…or a time warp. You pray, you wait for a sign to show you the way. You see miracles but they ignore you. You hope; your lamp burns out. You protest, you lose your sleep. You rebel or at most, you give up… You seek motivation, you seek help; it is your hand alone that reaches out. You cry foul, you plan revenge…you try to break free, you try to break out. You see the angels, they are here to take you home. Your tilted hour glass, your memory frozen in time… a distant Moonlight Sonata, a hallucinating mind. You are tired; you see…your soul needs rest.

You drown yourself in your glass of wine; your burnt pride; that helpless red in your eyes are all yours to keep. Who are you trying to kill? Immortal apathy never dies.

Simple isn’t always easy: Read the fine print

It is amazing how most people use the two terms ‘simple’ and ‘easy’ almost interchangeably, blissfully unaware of the cataclysmic connotations they carry. Although, I wouldn’t be able to deliberate upon the exact cause of this mindlessness (pardon me, I am not Nietzsche) , I can, without hesitation, roughly estimate how this simple error of omission can potentially jeopardize one’s career or life.

When a person is taking a decision based on the assumption that ‘things which look simple are easy to understand or solve’ , he is not reading the fine print and hence, forcing an error which could easily have been avoided. It is imperative to not follow the public sentiment and to look for rationality behind every judgement/action. ‘Simplicity’ is a matter of perception and therefore, highly subjective. It has different interpretations for different people.  It is unfortunate that most people ignore this basic fact.

It may seem like I am overemphasizing a minor issue.  In reality, however, this ‘paranormal’ activity is anything but minor or uncommon. If you look around, you will know what I mean. I notice this every single day, in fact,  I noticed this minutes before I sat down to write this blog post.

Up Close

What do you think defines a person?

Is it the accumulated reputation of impeccability that he has built over the years, behind the veil of conceited sanctity or is it the unusual careless, naked self  that rebels against the obscene moratorium of vanity ?

Which is more important – truth or admissible interpretations of it? 

If a moment of truth can destroy a person, the premise on which this foundation of ‘characterization’ lies must be severely scrutinized. They are contradictory and hence, they nullify each other.  


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